Porsche must be the most over-catered-for marque in motoring literature. However, this makes Roy Smith's stunning 466-page, meticulously-researched tome one in effect, Porsches that arent Porsches, thoroughly welcome...

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EAN13 9781845849900
Editeur Veloce Publishing
Langue Anglais
Auteur(s) Roy Smith
Date de parution Novembre 2017
Année de parution 2017
Nombre de pages 464
Format 25 x 25
Photos 700

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Porsche must be the most over-catered-for marque in motoring literature. However, this makes Roy Smith's stunning 466-page, meticulously-researched tome one in effect, Porsches that arent Porsches, thoroughly welcome. It takes an unusual decade-by-decade A-Z format, which cause timelines to ping about a bit, but finds itself dividing naturally into two halves - the Porsche-engined specials from the earlier days of Ferdinand's engineering consultancy and nascent marque, and the further developments of its super-successful sports-racers of the Seventies and Eighties.

In many ways its the American Porsche-based cars that make for most interesting and colourful reading, and which help to reinforce the understanding that often what were seen as factory efforts by the public owed much to the ingenuity of the likes of Brumos, Kremer and Holbert. Theres also plenty of madness in here, with twin-engined racing cars, Porsche-engined aircraft and road going Group C cars. An expensive book, limited to just 1500 copies, but beautifully presented and an incredible feat of research.- Classic Cars. At 468 pages and boasting 799 pictures, the Powered By Porsche- The Alternative Race Cars book is a hardback your coffee table will feel as it lands with a mighty thud.

The first book to cover those non-works cars that raced with Porsche engines, the book has been put together by Roy Smith, a man with a passion for historic motorsport tales. Spanning the birth of the hybrid car in the 1890s, to the Daytona Prototypes, it is full of encyclopaedic detail. It includes lots of unpublished images, anecdotes and insight you won't have come across before, it might even answer a few during questions you may have.- GT Porsche. This hefty tome is a comprehensive account of all the cars that were powered by Porsche engines, but where the chassis and development work were carried out by others. Sounds interesting, and it is. The 466-page hardback covers everything from the dawn of motoring via Ferdinand Porsche and Cisitalia through to '60s endurance racing and beyond, with an understandably heavy bias towards the Group C era. Packed with captivating information, in-deapth driver interviews and high-quality period photographs, there's enough to keep you occupied for hours, including a fascinating closing chapter focusing on Porsche power on land, sea and air.

The book has a limited print run of just 1500 copies, and is a must-buy for true aficionados of the Stuttgart marque. - Classic & Sports Car. Powered by Porsche can probably be filed under the 'books we didn't know we need.' The premise is simple: document as many cars not built by but powered by Porsche. There's little flourish in the writing, and it's all rather matter of fact, but there's some genuine interest here: the Glockler products, which started it all, and Peter Lovely's Pooper, for example. The Kremer era and the '80s become rather bogged down, and the book often falls into the realm of information rather than entertainment. But the photo research has been done meticulously, unearthing some fascinating shots; it's yet another work that has used Porsche;s copious archive to great effect. All the right names are on board: Jurgen Barth and Reinhold Joest are among many who provide forewords, and the investigation has been through for every car. They're not all pretty, but they're all here. - Motor Sport.

In his 15 years as an author, Roy Smith has differentiated his works by studying areas that other historians have tended to neglect. A Porsche fan, Smith's Porsche subject again have left the beaten track with studios of the under estimated 924 Carrera and the racing history of the 914, a model which Porsche still only half acknowledges. Now in Powered by Porsche, Smith looks at other racing cars which used Porsche engines and often chassis and running gear as well. Powered by Porsche is an encyclopaedic work unearthing any number of Porsche racing projects and contributes a great deal of background to half a century of Porsche auto racing completion.

It will be of particular interest to North American readers for as the author shows, most of the teams using Porsche motive power were here and he has clearly researched them in considerable detail. Roy Smith's latest offering is a veritable treasure trove for marque historians and an immersive pleasure for general fans. - Kieron Fennelly - Freelance.