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Editeur rpm Books
Langue Anglais
Auteur(s) Christoph Mäder / Jan Koum
Date de parution Décembre 2021
Nombre de pages 792 (376 + 416)
Format 26 x 30
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En savoir plus

This double volume book tells the story of Porsche's first GT2 model, which became one of the most collectable and influential cars for the worldwide rise of GT racing. This first edition is limited to 993 copies.

The book on the road-legal GT2 starts with a chapter on the origins of the air-cooled 911, covering all generations up to the 993 generation. The authors have interviewed dozens of key people involved with the 993 GT2 to be able to uncover as much information as possible. Chapters on the engine, transmission, and suspension provide a deep look into the technical aspects of this extraordinary car. Porsche's media activities and contemporary magazines are showcased as well.

The authors have also spent lots of effort in tracking down as many cars as possible, providing detailed information on every individual GT2 car that ever left Zuffenhausen's production line. This first time ever published "catalogue raisonné" section spans 120 pages of the book.

The appendix shows historic documentation, technical specifications, and includes an index of technical terms and names.

The book on the GT2 race cars features individual chapters for every version: from the first 96 models to the 96/2 models, and the 98 models, as well as the ultra-rare Evo model, which came in two different generations.

This double-volume comes in a single, protective slipcase. The first edition being limited to 993 copies.

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