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Date de parution Décembre 2017
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Maximum Performance gives you the full details on Chrysler’s 1960's-era drag racing history, when they revolutionized the sport with top drivers, monster engines, and experimental cars.

Since the early days of racing, Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth have dominated drag strips and race tracks. In 1955 alone, Chrysler 300s won 37 major stock car races and clinched both the NASCAR and AAA stock car championships.

Jim Schild is the publisher of The Auto Review and is the author of several books in the Collector’s Originality Guide series, including Challenger and Barracuda 1970–1974, Chevrolet Camaro 1970–1981, and Ford Model A. He has also written two acclaimed histories of Chrysler’s racing efforts, Proving Ground: A History of Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler Racing, and Maximum Performance: Mopar Super Stock Drag Racing 1962–1969. Schild lives in Columbia, Illinois, and is a member of 15 local and national collector car organizations, including the Society of Automotive Historians.

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