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Technique - Hyundaï 

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    This is a portfolio of international articles on Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg covering Auburn, 120, 8-98, 8-100A, 652-Y, 851, 852, 866, 876 & Speedsters; Cor L-29, 810 and 812, plus the Duesenberg A, X, J, SJ and the racing versions. When the Cord Corporation folded in 1937, production of Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg cars came to an end. Today these...
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    From the very beginning of the automobile industry, manufacturers have had to prove the mettle of their products in order to stand out from the multitude of rival companies. One of the best means to accomplish this was by winning races and establishing high-speed endurance records. No one pursued this concept more aggressively than those merchants of...
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