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EAN13 9781787114593
Editeur Veloce Publishing
Langue Anglais
Auteur(s) Matthew Vale
Date de parution Février 2021
Nombre de pages 192
Format 25 x 25
Photos 300

En savoir plus

The Lotus Elan was Colin Chapman and Lotus’ first affordable road car, produced from 1962 and, along with its larger +2 variant, until 1974. As a replacement for the expensive Lotus Elite, the Elan and +2 were both successful sports cars, which carried Lotus through the 1960s and into the 1970s.

Starting with a brief history of Lotus and the Elan, Lotus Elan and +2 Source Book provides a detailed originality guide to the Elan and +2, identifying the design changes Lotus made to the models through their lifetimes. An ‘owner’s guide’ provides detailed information on owning and maintaining the cars in tip-top condition, and gives details of common faults and upgrades. The restoration guide gives any potential restorer the information to carry out the tasks needed to bring one of the these cars back from the dead.

With anecdotes and experiences from current and previous owners of Elans and +2’s, along with many colour photographs the book provides a valuable insight into owning running and racing these iconic cars.

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