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EAN13 9780785837473
Editeur Cretsline Books
Langue Anglais
Préface Alan Batey
Auteur(s) Larry Edsall
Date de parution Octobre 2019
Nombre de pages 224
Format 24 x 28

En savoir plus

Chevy has been setting industry standards for over 100 years. Chevy Trucks recounts this incredible history, from the classic Series 490 to the more recent Silverado and Colorado.

In 1917, Chevrolet introduced its first truck, the Series 490, marking the company's official entry into the dedicated truck business. During the century that has passed since that first Chevy truck, Chevy (and later GMC-brand trucks) have become some of the most ubiquitous and recognizable brands around the world. Every year the company sells over 1 million trucks worldwide.

From the very beginning of the story to today's modern global brand, Chevrolet Trucks: 100 Years of Building the Future covers the entire Chevrolet truck saga, from the early Series 490, to the medium and heavy-duty models, to the light-duty C-series pickups, right up to the contemporary Silverado and Colorado.

Officially licensed by Chevrolet and created with their full cooperation, this detailed book includes hundreds of photos from Chevrolet's historic and design archives. Automotive journalist Larry Edsall combed GM's archives and interviewed key personnel to weave the story of Chevrolet's truck evolution from working vehicle to lifestyle companion.

This thorough history covers the full array of Chevy models since 1917 and is a must have for any truck fan whose heart beats with a V-8 rhythm.

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