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    This book covers the sporting versions of Ford Europe's Escort Mk2, including the Mexico, Sport, Harrier, RS1800 and the RS2000. Model-by-model, with hundreds of pictures, it gives you all the details of correct factory specifications and equipment, including body panels, external trim and badging, paint colors, interior trim and trim colors, dashboard,...
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    To mark 50 years since the introduction of Ford’s best-seller, this exhaustively researched history tells how it grew to be a worldwide success. With first-hand accounts from key people and evocative period photography, the design and development of all five generations of Cortina is explored in detail.
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    In the 1960s the Cortina was an entirely new type of British car, light yet strong, cheap to buy yet roomy. It established a new class of car - the Cortina Class - and Fords rivals had to rush to compete. Not only was the Cortina the first, it was the best, too; a fascinating, ever-evolving project around which Ford-Europe's planning always revolved....
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    With an average of over 200,000 sold each year during the car’s incredible two-decade life, the Ford Cortina remains one of the most individually popular cars Britain has ever seen. This book celebrates the Cortina’s place as a major part of everyday life for so many families from 1962, when the first Consul Cortina took its bow, to the mid-1990s, by...
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    Ford set out to capture the middle market from General Motors in the mid-fifties giving rise to the Edsel. Built on the same assembly lines as the other Ford cars, the build quality suffered and the cars were delivered to dealers with many faults. There were no less than 18 models and a somewhat quirky body design. The Edsel was introduced in 1957, and in...
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    The 1955-57 Thunder-birds introduced luxury features to the two-seater market but buyers made clear that what they really wanted was four seats. The 1958 models were much larger cars with four seats and a unibody shell. They were either convertible or hardtop with a big-block 352ci V8 engine. There were few differences for 1958 and 1959 but the 430ci...
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