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EAN13 9781445685052
Editeur Amberley Publishing
Langue Anglais
Auteur(s) Anthony Dawson
Date de parution Octobre 2021
Nombre de pages 96
Format 17 x 23
Photos 140

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Best known as the Titfield Thunderbolt, Lion is one of the most beloved locomotives in railway preservation - transformed from humble luggage engine to film star, this is a Cinderella story. Built in Leeds in 1838 by Todd, Kitson & Laird, Lion is the only surviving locomotive built for the pioneering Liverpool & Manchester Railway. After a mainline working life of nineteen years, Lion was sold into industrial use in 1859.

Drawing on extensive archival research and a detailed study of the original locomotive, this book explores the design and construction of Lion, as well as its career on the Liverpool & Manchester Railway and eventual preservation and restoration, including her several film roles. Finally, the question is asked 'How much of Lion is original?'

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