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"Three generations, one vision": with this slogan, the English auto restoration firm of Dutton Ltd. aligns itself to the classic Bugatti racing car. From 1909 to 1963, Bugatti--founded by Ettore Bugatti and based in Molsheim, Alsace--produced the most powerful racing vehicles of that era. Today, Ivan Dutton pays tribute to this legendary reputation. His 12 skilled employees are able to reproduce every original piece of the original cars, and even to reassemble them in their entirety using the original construction methods. Photographer Koto Bolofo visited the Bugatti garage in Buckinghamshire and was moved to record his impressions of the work and its rare quality of industrial artisanship. The photographs reproduced in this gorgeous large-format volume tell the story of the mechanics responsible for restoring the vintage cars and reveal how Dutton Ltd. has helped to keep an era alive.

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EAN13 9783865219619
Editeur Steidl
Langue Anglais
Auteur(s) Koto Bolofo
Année de parution 2010
Format 29 x 1
Couverture rigide

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