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Langue Anglais
Préface Jay Leno
Auteur(s) Marc Sonnery
Date de parution 2013
Nombre de pages 520

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The least documented era of Maserati’s history, the Citroën period of ownership, is also the most misunderstood. The era started with immense promise as the venerable Modenese firm, previously in dire financial straits, was modernized and reorganized, the clearest evidence being the replacement of obsolete models using old fashioned technology, firstly with the cutting-edge Bora, the most advanced and accomplished of all the first generation mid-engined cars, then with the Khamsin, the most sophisticated and competent front-engined car of the seventies, and lastly with the Merak, which afforded excellent handling and a beautiful shape to a whole new group of Maserati buyers.

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