“If it’s big and it’s yellow, it’s in here!” one reader of this book remarked on Amazon. And another: “To anyone interested in the big iron, this book will not disappoint.” That’s the kind of satisfaction Eric Orlemann delivers in this spectacular pictorial history of Caterpillar from its beginnings in 1870 to its still mighty presence in the heavy machinery of our day. Showcasing the nearly 140 years of equipment and engineering breakthroughs that have kept Caterpillar at the top of the industry, this volume features the stories behind prototypes and development--and fabulous photographs that bring it all to life. From the “Best Steamer” to the 797 dump truck, from the hi-drive D9G test machine to the mobil-trac batmobiles, from the tried and scrapped test models to the Cat D10 prototypes, all of Caterpillar’s unparalleled history is here, in brilliant pictures and detailed images that tell the full story of the machines that make American work.


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EAN13 9780760336731
Langue Anglais
Auteur(s) Eric C Orlemann
Date de parution 10/03/2009
Année de parution 2009
Format 235 x 267