This book follows on from our previous volumes in chronicling the models of the popular Mini introduced in the late 1950s. That it was still in production in this period says much about its devoted following. Of course updates have occurred which have kept the rejuvenated model up to date during the British Leyland period and then went on to wear Rover badges when BL changed its name in the middle 1980s. This is a book of contemporary road and comparison tests, specification and technical date, new model introductions, long-term tests, history, buying second hand, rallying and racing. Models covered include: 1000 HL, City E, HLE, Lynx, SX, Anniversary Cooper, ERA, Mayfair, Cooper, Cooper S, Cabriolet, Cooper 1.3.


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Editeur Brooklands Books Ltd
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Auteur(s) R. M. Clarke
Année de parution 1998